Secrets in Satin

Secrets in Satin

St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 0-312-96159-6
On Sale: April 1997

Secrets in Satin

He thought she was as cold as ice.

With her pale face and black mourning gown, Elizabeth, Countess of Ravenwold, was completely emotionless as she stood over the body of her dead husband. But Edward Garrett, Viscount Creighton, had no idea of the passion behind her mask of ice– or the dark secrets hidden in her guarded heart.

She thought he was a careless rogue.

Garrett’s reputation preceded him, so Elizabeth hardened herself against his ruthless charms. But when a royal command forced her to marry the knave, their lives were drawn together into a dangerous game of intrigue…and a passionate contest of wills.

Amid the turmoil of a dying monarchy, Garrett and Elizabeth discovered a love haunted by the past and challenged by an uncertain future. But can this love survive, or will it be wrenched away by a twist of fate…or the hand of a king?

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